Divine Wisdom

Finding New Comfort in Old Words

by Sandy Clapp

David worked as a shepherd, killed a giant, ruled God’s people as king and wrote some of the most loved scripture, many of the Psalms.

That was 3,000 years ago and still his words speak to us in such  different times and circumstances. Maybe it is because people are basically the same and God is the same then and now.


Join me for a zoom bible study of one of the most beloved of the Psalms, Psalm 23. See what we can learn from David about the crazy time we live in right now.

If you think you can’t zoom, my daughter-in-law zooms with her kindergarten class so surely we can figure it out.  I am learning too so let’s do something new together.  If you are a true beginner take a look at Jonathon's article about how to use zoom here.  And to keep our "class" time as devoted to the word as possible we'll have a trial run for Zoom newcomers on Sunday, April 26 at 2:00pm. 


Our class will begin on Tuesday, April 28 and meet from 2-3pm. Please register here, so we can email you the link to the meeting. Just get your favorite bible and log in to the class. We will explore some information from scholars and share our own insights. I hope discussion will be helpful in making this Psalm your own.


If you have questions please contact me or email and I'll get in touch.