A Letter from Our Brother in Prison

Dear Chapel Hill,

My name is Tim and I am a prisoner at Ft. Supply prison.  I have been attending the Bible study work class for three years now.  I along with many others would like to thank all of you at Chapel Hill for the support you all give.  When Mr. Reynolds* started his class here at Ft. Supply we had very little as far as Bible study DVDs, it has been a huge blessing for the inmates here.


Two years ago Mr. Reynolds brought in Discipleship #1 and that class alone opened the eyes of many men. I will admit at first we were not sure what this class would do or teach us being it was a very long study.  However, the way Mr. Reynolds leads the class and truth be known he made each of us feel part of it.  We all learned to study, not just read and answer questions, but really study.  We learned how to use the Bible Concordance and study guides. 


What a blessing it is to be able to really study and get to know God’s words.  Most of the volunteers here come on their own, they really do not have a church that sponsors them and that is very good, however to know that there is a body of people out there that supports prison ministry is a huge blessing. 


One of the biggest blessings are the Bibles. Department of Corrections is not against Bibles however they do not issue them.  If you are lucky and have family that cares and is willing to send you a Bible then your chances of getting one use to be impossible but not anymore.  Thanks to all of you at Chapel Hill we now have Bibles, we have coffee, we have pens, and most of all we have a church that cares about getting the word out that Christ loves everyone. 


Don’t get me wrong we know there are lots of church that help in prison ministry, however Chapel Hill to take notice of a prison three hours away and to keep taking notice of this prison two three times a month.  Words could never say how much each of us in this program thank you.


One of Mr. Reynolds favorite verses is Philippians 4:4 rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again Rejoice. At times it is not easy to rejoice in prison, however once a person knows how to, and why to even prison becomes easier. 

Love in Christ,


*Mike Reynolds is a member of Chapel Hill. He is a leader in prison ministry, and also teaches Sunday School. Mike and his wife Rhena, are active in recovery ministry. We are grateful for them and the many ways they take the word of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of Chapel Hill. Next week there will be a piece from Mike called, "Change Through Praise."