Alcohol Awareness Month

This April, Chapel Hill Faith Partners -recovery ministry and so many around the globe observe Alcohol Awareness Month. Founded and sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) since 1987, this year’s theme is: “Connecting the Dots: Opportunities for Recovery.” No other substance is more widely used and abused by America’s youth than alcohol, making alcoholism and alcohol-related problems the number one public health problem in the United States.

When we look at this problem, we have to connect it back to the core issue. There are many contributing factors and reasons; situations, circumstances, and influences that can lead to substance abuse. There are also many results substance abuse can lead to, such as homelessness, and in turn, homelessness can also result in or worsen substance abuse. It is a cycling relationship between substance abuse and homelessness that you may already be familiar with.

The National Coalition for the Homeless has found that 38% of homeless people are alcohol dependent, and 26% are dependent on other harmful chemicals. Often times, addiction is a result of homelessness.

Many of those seeking support at Chapel Hill (FP recovery ministry) have a story to tell of how experiencing alcohol/drug abuse of family members resulted in a life-threatening addiction to drugs. We so commonly hear about alcoholism and how it affects the user, their own children and family members. It causes relationships to suffer from extreme hurt or harm. Having grown up with parents addicted to alcohol, many struggle just to grow up and find their place in the world.

Many suffer from unimaginable grief, guilt, shame, anger and rage due to not having the loving support a child should have growing up.

Chapel Hill has been there for decades to minister to and support those suffering from addiction and all the pain that goes with each person coming to our classes. They are learning all the coping mechanisms skills, as well as how to step out of the repeating cycle of addiction in their families.

Faith Partners is there to help each individual learn how to make change in their lives through biblical principles. This is how we help them connect the dots in their lives and support them in  their recovery. We also offer support in helping them return to school, get their GED, if needed, and become successful employees or business owners in society.

Please keep Faith Partners recovery ministry in your daily  prayers, for prayer is the place where all ministry begins and remains strong.


Melody McCreary

Faith Partners Coordinator

Faith Partner Recovery Ministry meets every Sunday morning at 9:40am and on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. All are welcome to attend. If you have any questions please click on Melody's name and send her an email.