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The Sistine Chapel:

A Discipleship Story 

Class Begins Wednesday, 10/09
Taught by Shelli Lott-McGill

Discipleship has many faces: prayer, mission, service of all kinds. You might be surprised to discover how parts of the Sistine Chapel's history are, in fact, a story of discipleship.

Shelli Lott-McGill will examine the whole story of the chapel and provide the class with context, history and events of the time that impacted the art. "The entire story of God's interaction with mankind is told through the art in the chapel," Shelli said. 

Much of the 4-week class will focus on Michaelangelo's painting of the ceiling and the "Last Judgment" which is over the altar. Michaelangelo was flawed, but also Christian. He didn't want the project. He often clashed with Catholic leaders. Payment was slow. And it was physically paintful to do the work. The artist wrote a poem badmouthing the whole process. But the Holy Spirit, and circumstances, pulled a reluctant Michaelangelo into the job of God's illustrator. In the end faith alone spurred Michaelangelo to complete some of the most recognizable religious art in history.


"There's a verse in Psalms that says, "A posterity shall serve Him. It will be recounted of the Lord to the next generation." Shelli said. "The story of the Sistine Chapel and Michaelangelo is a story about how the choices we make in our every day life have the power to affect the future in ways we could not have imagined."

Need an example? When the ceiling was painted the Sistine Chapel was not open to the general public. How could Michaelangelo know that far in the future his paintings would show God's story to 25,000 people every single day. That's a witness. That's discipleship.

This study will be held on the last 4 Wednesdays of October, beginning October 9. It is a new class in the Midweek line-up and will meet from 6:30-7:30pm following dinner at 6pm. Please register by simply sending your name, and/or the names of all those coming with you by email to Webmaster.