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Be the Light - Monday, November 30, 2020 from 5:30-7:30pm

An Outside Come and Go / Drive By or Drive Through Event

Have you ever thought about the fact that the Advent is the first part of the word Adventure!  Their common root is the Latin adventurus - "about to happen." Maybe it's one of those years we can deeply connect with the hope in a better future wrapped up with the uncertainty and the inconvenience that the Holy Family felt. But we do believe that Advent is an adventure in hope and it is about to happen!

This coming Monday night, November 30, we'll be hosting a drive through, drive by event at Chapel Hill from 5:30-7:30. Family Ministries has made Advent kits for families to pick up as they drive through. Amanda Walz, Minister of Children, said, "We'll be providing families with everything they need to prepare their hearts for Christmas, while having fun making memories on the way."  Included is an Advent calendar with scripture and activities, thank you cards to send helpers and the fixings for a movie night together with popcorn and hot cocoa and a few other extra special surprises.

Some of the children have already colored luminarias this week as "letters" to Jesus. But we'll hand out luminaria bags and individual crayons for kids to make their own messages to Jesus in the car and then light them to honor the Christ child. 

Everyone, of all ages, is invited to participate. Be the Light is intented to be a safe, physically distanced, opportunity for all to enjoy the beauty of collective hopes and prayers displayed in light. We ask that all participants please wear a mask.

We want your personal prayers to help illuminate our world and to show the world the light of Jesus. You may partipate in any way that feels comfortable to you:

1) If you are attending in person on Sundays you may write a prayer on one of the luminaria bags at the Welcome Center (use your own pen please).

2) You may submit a prayer using the form HERE and one of the volunteers will transfer your prayer to a luminaria.

3) You may come on Monday, November 30 and write your prayer on a luminaria, or simply place one of them in the cross outline we will be filling with light and say your prayer in your heart.

4) Walk through the light (masked and distanced of course), or drive by and see what beauty there is in the many messages we send to God. 

For some of us 2020 has been the darkest year of our lives. But as Christians we rejoice that The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will NEVER overcome it. Help us Be the Light for others and in our prayers discover ways we can better serve God's people and share the message of Jesus Christ as we move into 2021.