Feed the Positive

By Ric Pierson

September is recognized as recovery month, but to the person, families and friends in recovery, we celebrate each new day that we wake up clean and sober.  These are difficult times and we are all struggling to maintain or find our equilibrium.  Alcoholics Anonymous reminds us that, “If we dwell in the positive, the positive increases.  If we dwell in the negative, the negative increases.”


I worked with a Native American once and he told me he wanted to share with  me the parable of two puppies.  He said every person has two puppies that reside within their heart.  One puppy is cute, kind, wants to cuddle and lick your face.  The other puppy is mean, he bites and scratches and growls all the time. He asked me which puppy do you think will grow up and be dominate?  Without much thought, I responded, “Sadly, probably the mean one.”  No, he replied.  The one that will dominate is the one you feed the most.


Just for today, one day at a time,  let’s choose to dwell in the positive.