An Invasion of Encouragement

Last Sunday Mark encouraged us to launch an "Invasion of Encouragement." We all got snowballs (wiffle balls) stuffed with a message "The Joy of Jesus." He asked folks to take a picture with their "snowball" and then pass it on. Some people were too shy to include a selfie, but I got quite a few pics and then heard some stories about how they were used. So take a gander. We still have "snowballs" and we'll have them in a basket in the narthex on Sunday. My favorite story includes just taking the thing to your next event and tossing it around. You'll be smiling and thinking about Jesus, and can't help think that some laughter does us all good and makes God smile too. Special thanks to Kathy Pierson, Margaret Self, Debbie Pittman, Rhonda and Jim Williston, Dusty Williams, Peggy Burris, Marsha Ramee, David and Tula Chadwick, and Beverly Cane for sharing photos. If anyone got left out ... apologies. So exciting to have all this help.

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