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Get Happier...Sing

By Ellen Jackson

The scientific proof is in—singing makes you happier! You can ask any of Chapel Hill’s Revelation and Chancel Choir members, if you want personal testimonies. Then join us for some delicious snacks on Wednesday, August 21, at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall, followed by our first fall rehearsal.


The following excerpts from the article “Your Brain and Singing: Why Singing in a Choir Makes You Happier” by Jaime Babbitt in The Choral Director’s Management Magazine offer proof for the joy and health benefits that choral singers experience.


While a person is singing “endorphins—hormones produced by the central nervous system—release and interact with opiate receptors in the brain, diminishing pain and triggering an almost analgesic feeling in the body. . . . Singing can also release dopamine, a chemical that works to help regulate the brain’s pleasure and reward centers. Music has also been found to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter found most in the digestive tract that helps regulate our moods, social behaviors and appetite.  . . . Singing may increase prolactin production, and it helps regulate the immune system.


“Doctors are now finding that singers have more circuit connections between the right and left sides of their brains than non-singers. Memorizing words (left brain function) and music (right brain function) could keep those nerve cells and synapses in excellent working order.


“Dr. Gene D. Cohen of George Washington University kept track of a senior singers’ chorale in Arlington, Virginia. . . . Findings showed that the singers suffered depression less frequently, made fewer doctor’s visits each year, needed less medication, and increased their other activities.”


In addition to physical benefits, singers get friendship, the joy of making music as a group and prayers from the choir. If you want to be happier, feel better and enrich our worship experience all at the same time, join us on August 21 at 7:00. Questions? Contact Ellen (