Christ the King

Music Sunday

By Alan Murphy-Crouso

We will be celebrating Christ the King Sunday through special music from Blackwelder Brass, the Chapel Hill Bells Ensemble, and the Chapel Hill Choir. In the past we have celebrated Music Sunday the second week of December, via the Carols of Christ’s Coming service. However, this year because the college students will be returning home after Thanksgiving, we decided it would be fitting to celebrate Music Sunday on November 22nd, which is Christ the King Sunday.


Christ the King is summation of the Christian year, where all of God’s acts of salvation in our own history culminate into His eternal reign over the cosmos and the very fabric of reality. God is not a monarch who sits on a throne wielding the bolts of Jupiter, but a King who reigns through humility and justice, ever reaching his arms outward in cruciform posture, inviting all into His loving embrace. I pray that you will join us in celebrating with us through the avenue of music as we recognize the reign of Christ in the world, our own lives, and the life of the Church.


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