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Sunday, October 7 we are going to celebrate a special event. It is Consecration Sunday and it will be so full of opportunity to rejoice and share and show our love for God. This Sunday there will be special music, from nearly every musician we know. 

Spirit Winds, our instrumental group, will begin the service. We'll enjoy praise from the chilldren as the Rejoice Choir sings. The Chapel Bells will perform, as well as the Chancel Choir and Revelation. There will be a solo presentation by Lindsey Mears, soprano and Linda Bosteels, flute as we present our tithes at the altar. And, our regular "visiting" group, The Blackwelder Brass will be present as well. And when we all lift our voices together in hymns it will be special indeed.

There will also be food to contribute to our festive mood, our true joy in giving our best to God. The Hospitality Committee has planned a brunch with breakfast casseroles and other goodies for 9:30am in the Great Hall. 

We are grateful for each other and for the many blessings we enjoy because of God's bounty. Jesus reminds us in Matthew to remember all important matters of God's law: our tithe freely given without neglect of justice, mercy and faithfulness. When we share our resources, our attention in worship, and the blessing of delicious food - let's remember the most important thing, God is with us. 


Services at 8:30 or 11:00am in the Sanctuary.