The Week in Pictures

Today is Good Friday. It's a somber day. How many somber days do we have to face before joy? Sometimes it seems like too many. But today is the one day Christians dive into bad news because we know Sunday is coming. Keep that in mind with your own life. Your Sunday is coming. It came through Jesus and Jesus will show you your personal silver lining. Our world at Chapel Hill is literally shining with the reflection of Christ's love. Please come to church on Easter and see the light in God, in us as a church, in yourself and carry it out to the world with you. Services are at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00am. Children will enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt in Sunday School at 9:30am. A very special thank you to Christy Taylor for the pictures of the Rebuilding Together mission and also the UMW at Redemption. Thanks to Shari Detwiler for providing the pictures from A.C.T.S.4Kids.

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