The Week in Pictures

As usual God sends a message through the photos received in our office. This week our theme is young people stepping up to the plate. Sure there are a bunch of midsters and oldsters mixed in, but in a day and age when we constantly discuss the lack of youth ... well take a look. There's some mighty work going on and some important experiences happening because of God, through our church. This past week Chapel Hill's teen Project Transformation readers got help from the St. Andrew's UMC Youth. A Bolivian mission team that includes teens from several churches in Oklahoma, including Chapel Hill are meeting and learning from new friends. Our own ACTS4Kids happens once a month, but even there ... the little kids grow up and then come back as bigger kids to help the next batch of younger kids. Be inspired. Open YOUR Door ... think you might find hope just waiting to be invited in by you! Do it!! Thank you to photographers: Zach Zink, Steve Turechek, Randy Oakes, and Chad Detwiler.

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