We are Certain about God!

What a week! Maybe one of the craziest in a year that has led us from one unprecidented event to another. The worst ice storm in history left us without electricity or the internet all last week. The electricity came back on Saturday night, just in time for us to celebrate and recognize our saints on Sunday. Tuesday was election day and Chapel Hill is the polling site for two precincts so it was plenty busy around here. And then on Wednesday we held our first "Pop-Up Prayer" event. And on Thursday it is almost 80 degrees. Oh 2020 it's been a wild ride. So glad God has given us faith. When in doubt, uneasy, angry ... talk to God. Feel better. God hears us.

Special thanks to Kathy Pierson, Sandy Clapp, Shari Detwiler, and Lizz Foxhoven for providing photographs the past two weeks. Click on the photo to see an expanded vision with a larger picture and the complete text accompanying it. Click the arrows to move through the pics. Once in expanded mode you also have the option of expanding the picture again if you are on a desktop. Please let us know if you have trouble viewing this page, or other difficulties. To send in photographs, or if you have questions/comments send an email to webmaster@mychapelhill.org.