Ushers and greeters meet on Thursday evening to prepare for in-person worship to begin on August 23, 2020 at 8:30am only. Masks will be required. Pews have been blocked off to create physical distance.

In Person Worship Begins Sunday,

August 23 at 8:30am (only)

The Relaunch Committee has voted to reopen the sanctuary for 8:30am(only) in-person worship service beginning this Sunday, August 23. Since the very beginning of the situation caused by the coronavirus, the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the congregation have been the primary factors the Committee has used to determine when in-person worship will be offered at Chapel Hill.


On Monday evening, the Committee determined that the physical concerns for the congregation appear to have been addressed through the broad adoption of safety measures by the general public and a two week decline in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma. The Committee is eager to open now in order to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of many in our congregation for in person congregational worship.


The church has many different types of people who share a common faith in God. However, while some are eager to return, there may be others who are not ready to congregate in person. The 11:00am worship service will continue to be available on livestream via our website, YouTube, and Facebook.


The Relaunch Committee will continue to meet, and to plan for a return to additional parts of the traditional church experience like Sunday school and hosting outside groups. 

This Sunday all who wish to worship in person are invited to attend at the 8:30am service. The doors to the church will not be opened until 8:15am, so please just wait in your cars until then. Please remember to maintain physical distance and use the hand sanitizer that will be available onsite. The congregation will be required to wear a mask to attend the service in the sanctuary. To review all procedures for worship please review the flyer found HERE. Check out some of the things that will be a little different in the pictures below.


Worship Services

Sundays, 8:30am and 11:00am 




2717 West Hefner Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73120


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