A special training with Lyle Griner

by Pastor Jonathon Clinesmith



I am looking for some dedicated disciples from Chapel Hill to beta test a new discipleship component called “All In.”

What is “All In”, you say? Well, what would you say if I told you that you are already doing ministry; we just forgot to tell you?

And what if I told you that your pastors job isn’t to hog all of the ministry, but to help you do it better?

All-In is a  resource and a training that enhances relational skills so that we might reach out, care, and welcome in everyday, everywhere relationships. 

Our vision for this project is that we might discover that…

  1. Ministry has left the building. It is now about each person caring for others every day, everywhere, and in every relationship.

  2. Our church has a vital ministry filled with real purpose and meaning, a ministry that includes EACH OF US.

  3. Our church is an equipping place, a go-to place that helps people help others.

  4. That our church is known as a place with a big, big heart that cares about helping people fall in love with Jesus Christ! Faith is expressed by loving others because Christ first loved us! (I John 4:19)

This beta test will take place Saturday, January 19th from 8:30- 2PM and will include lunch. Click on the RSVP below and send an email to Pastor Jonathon letting him know you will be attending.

If things go well, our hope is to introduce this training to the entire congregation and make it a regular part of our discipleship framework.

RVSP by Email to Pastor Jonathon