Stepping Out with Faith that God Will Provide

Faith Promise Giving

Chapel Hill's Faith Promise program encourages the practice of giving beyond normal tithes and offerings in order to enhance the God's work beyond our local church. Making a Faith Promise pledge is about placing faith in God, to trust God to supply and to share that with others. Sunday, April 18 we will celebrate Faith Promise and consecrate pledges made for 2021. Please see the ministry that is possible because of faith - and click the links to go know more. You may give online HERE or you may print and complete a Faith Promise Pledge card and either bring it to the church or mail to us at 2717 W. Hefner Road, OKC, OK 73120.

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Ministry Support

Your Faith Promise supports many familiar programs: Whiz Kids, Project Transformation, and Mobile Meals. But the funds we give to ministry like Exodus House, Lydia Patterson Institute, the Langston Wesley Foundation and prison ministry give hope and a better future to so many. 


Missions Support

Faith Promise supports four missionaries including Kristen Brown in Oklahoma, Sandy Raasch, Belize/Hondouras, Marsha Alexander, President of  Asbury/Philippines and Robert Wheelis in Albania. Monies from you also provide organizational support for Campus Crusade, CBMC, Reframed by Truth and R.O.A.D. (Recovering Oklahomans After Disaster).  Through this program we are better together. When we keep our promises in faith we are able to extend Christ's love into the hearts of our neighbors, locally and around the world.