The Week in Pictures

Welcome to the Gallery Too. Yes it's a play on words. There were so many photos this week we had to make two galleries to even begin to cover all the events. So many people belong to this church: on Sunday sure, but all through the week. We worship God in our building, and out in the world. At the Skyline Center we are part of dinners, and we share in the excitement of Christmas with our bell players who attend and performed at Greystone Elementary. It's hard to count all the people who touch us in a week, who show us the spirit of God and invite us into the beautiful work of discipleship. Makes a heart soft! Makes a soul thankful to God. A big thank you to the many photographer helpers this week: Joan Bryant, Christy Taylor, Suzann Wade, Elizabeth Jardine, Chad Detwiler, and Chris Keithley. If you have photos to share please email them to

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