Garage Sale

Friday, May 3 (8am-5pm)
Saturday, May 4 (8am-noon)
In the Fellowship Hall of Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, 2717 West Hefner, One Block East of May Avenue.
Garage Sale Opening-0468.jpg

For many years the United Methodist Women at Chapel Hill have hosted a garage sale once a year in the spring. All proceeds benefit the mission of the UMW. It is well known, and every year customers are lined up at the door, waiting to get in, right when it opens. Beautiful things, useful things and the occasional oddity that made their debute to greater Oklahoma City at this garage sale have a place in a home somewhere.

The women can always use our help. How?


1. Clean your house, and let things that "no longer give you joy" be a whoo-ray moment for someone else. Box up the stuff that needs to journey from your home to new evirons. (No mattresses, or car-seats please.)

Donated items may be delivered to Chapel Hill UMC's Fellowship Hall only during the following hours:

Tuesday, April 30 from 9am-5pm

Wednesday, May 1 from 8am-8pm

Thursday, May 2 from 8am-noon

2. Come and shop! This sale has the very best deals. The shopping will be on:

Friday, May 3 from 8am-5pm

Saturday, May 4 from 8am-noon