Not Just a Garage Sale

Nancy Nathaniel thinks that Chapel Hill's United Methodist Women have been holding a garage sale for at least 30 years, but nobody can remember the specifics. "We do know, it's the first time we've held the sale in August. Usually we do the sale in the spring, but COVID has changed it a bit."


The UMW are looking forward to the big event, but the most important thing about the UMW's Annual Garage Sale is MISSION! "First and foremost, all the money made goes to missions supported by the UMW. We keep none of it. We give all of it away," Nancy said. 

Talk to any of the women who help with this annual event and you will hear touching stories that demonstrate how Jesus works everywhere ... even, or maybe especially, in every day places like homey garage sales. The UMW held a small sale this spring simply because no one had any room to store some of the items that were being held for the next event. "We had lots of holiday decorations." Nancy said. "The first person to come through saw one of those ceremic Christmas trees with the little lights at the very back. As we got the tree, the woman told us she saw the sale while she was driving around waiting for her husband's cancer treatment to be over. 'It's his job to decorate the tree, and in case he's not up to it this year ... it will be perfect.'" Nancy's voice cracked a little as she finished her story, "We prayed then, and we've kept praying for them every day."


Relationship building is at the heart of all the work and mission of the United Methodist Women and you can help in at least two ways:

Donate Items for Sale. The garage sale merchandise comes from the Chapel Hill congregation and friends. Folks can bring donated items to the Fellowship Hall in the church from noon on Tuesday, August 3 to noon on Thursday, August 5. If you have larger items, like furniture, etc., please contact the church office at 405.751-0755 to provide details about the item, your address, etc. and volunteers will pick up them up if possible. 

Come Back and Buy. All merchandise collected goes on sale Friday, August 5 from 8am-5pm and Saturday, August 6 from 8am-noon.