Giving With Joy

I am so excited to be sharing with you in worship on your special Faith Promise commitment day this Sunday.  You've been praying about your commitment to advancing the cause of Christ through Chapel Hill and now the time has come to turn in your commitment.


Before moving to my current appointment as director of Discipleship for the annual conference, we had never been in a church which practiced this form of giving to missions.  The church we attend now does have a Faith Promise month in July.  I remember the first year we discussed this as a family and made our promise.  The next year, our then 9-year-old daughter wanted to make her own.  She proudly went to the front of the sanctuary and made her commitment to God.


It reminded me of a time when I was serving my first appointment as a student pastor in Kansas.  Grandparents had brought their two grandchildren to church with them.  I suspect they had given them some offering on the way into church, but it was winter and the grandson had put it in his coat pockets. When the time came for the offering, he ran from his seat across the back of the sanctuary to his jacket and back to his seat before the usher made it to him.  He dropped in that offering with a huge smile on his face.


The floors were wooden, and you could hear him running across the sanctuary even above the organ's offertory music.  It was a sight I will never forget. It reminded me that giving can be exciting and joyful.  Lent seems to be a great time make a Faith Promise.  I look forward to being with you Sunday as you do just that.


Grace and peace,



Rev. Derrek Belase

Director of Discipleship

Oklahoma United

Methodist Conference