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J.S. Bach is an example of creation in chaos. He was an innovative and prolific musician, as well as the father of 20 children. 

Glad Hymns Forever

By Ellen Jackson

In thee is gladness

Amid all sadness,

Jesus, sunshine of my heart. . . .


If he is ours,

We fear no powers,

Not of earth or sin or death.

He sees and blesses

In worst distresses;

He can change them with a breath.


We shout for gladness,

Triumph o'er sadness,

Love him and praise him

And still shall raise him

Glad hymns forever: Alleluia!


These are the words of the hymn on which Sunday's organ prelude is based. The text was written around 1600 by Johann Lindemann. The tune, light-hearted and dance-like, was set for organ by J. S. Bach, with a repeating, cheerful theme in the pedal. 

As 2021 begins, the music reminds us that joy is still possible, even though sad and stressful circumstances remain with us.  May we carry this "glad song" in our hearts.