The Greatest Temptation.png

Someone once said, “Being yourself is the easiest thing to do.  The most difficult thing is to be what others want you to be.”  There may be some truth to that.

I think one of the greatest insults to God is allowing ourselves to become what others want us to be.  Each of us is unique.  We are originals; no one else is quite like us.  Each of us has a God-given destiny waiting for us to claim.  To ignore that future, or fail to claim it, is to deny our uniqueness and potential for greatness.

Too many folks are simply too proud to admit they need God; too egotistical to believe they need God’s guidance in life; and maybe too close-minded to think God even exists.  They believe they can become something other than what God created them to be.  And maybe they can.  But ultimately, they pay the price for not claiming their own God-given gifts and trying to become something other than what God intended.

Even the Church can fall victim to this way of thinking.  If a church tries to become something it is not – tries to become like another church with all its ministries and activities and small groups – instead of claiming its own ministry where they are, the result is often failure, disillusionment, and loss of vision and hope.


But the good news is that anyone – any church – can fulfill their ministry if only they would claim their gifts and abilities given to them by God, and share them with the world around them.

So, it is true that the greatest temptation is to be someone other than what God created you to be.  True also is the statement that the easiest thing is to be yourself – just as God created you to be.  The most difficult – and the most tragic thing – is to be something or someone other than who you are.