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Online Worship


Thank you to all those who have joined us as we worship online. Please remember to hit the SUBSCRIBE button!


We provided directions last week, but we thought this week we'd through a few pictures into the mix so you could see what we mean. These directions are very basic. We included data that we have been asked about specifically just this week. If you found your way to the site without a problem, please fast forward to Step 5 below.

Please remember - The internet has more traffic than normal. Facebook, YouTube, Zoom

are all reporting outages at times of high demand. If you lose your connection, please try again. 

1. Go to This (pink) link will take you directly to Chapel Hill's YouTube Channel. 

2.  Click on Sundays service that is getting ready to start at 11am. 

3.  Anyone can watch the service. It is not necessary to have an account/channel to watch the YouTube livestream.

4.  If you want to chat ... You MUST have a YouTube account. They call their accounts "Channels." Don't worry you don't have to put anything on your "channel" - it simply allows you to comment and also to participate in Live Chat. You can join with your email, or you can join via your Facebook.


5. On your DESKTOP. The icons that are circled control the size of your viewing screen.


The one on the far left is for a mini-screen. In the "olden" days when sports were on tv this was what you would use to watch a football game AND church.


The long rectangle in the middle is for "theater" view.


The broken square with the arrow and the finger pointing at it puts you on a large screen. Perfect if you are chatting so you can see everything and chat too. 


6. On your DESKTOP. Click the SHOW MORE button to access additional information. In this section will be included links to scripture readings, to make an offering or donation, registration contact information and lyrics to the songs so you can sing along!


7. On the PHONE things look different. Click the down arrow, circled in red to access the words. The descriptions will appear as shown in the second image.

PLEASE Note: links to scripture, offering, song lyrics and attendance registration are included here.

If your equipment is old, does not have an audio function, or has not been kept up to date with software upgrades it may not work. In that case, please try your ipad or your telephone.  If you need additional trouble shooting help, please contact the webmaster HERE.