Lent Begins at Home

Most people are at home as the arctic freeze continues. Perhaps the hush of new snow, the world blanketed in white will inspire you to spend a few minutes preparing for an at-home Ash Wednesday. Here are some tips to deepen your worship experience.

1. Choose the platform that is best for you. Our service can be viewed on any of the platforms linked on our home page. Chat will be available at 6:30pm at our live.mychapelhill or facebook link. Please be aware that YouTube will not include chat. In addition, the YouTube video will only become visible promptly at 6:30pm. 

2. Words to the Hymns. The responses to liturgy will be included in the video. Lyrics will be in the description on video platforms. They may be viewed or printed HERE.

3. Collect Items for Worship. Have a candle and a small container with ashes, dirt, oil, or water for self-imposition of "ashes" at the right spot in the service. Any of these items can be substituted for ashes.


* A Candle. At the beginning of the service, light the candle and remember God is with us, gathering us together from all over the world.

*Ashes, Dirt, Oil or Water in a small bowl.


Gather ashes if you have them. Make your own ashes by writing down on paper and burning things you would like to let go: fear, anger, etc. Put the ashes in a small bowl. You may add oil to moisten them. Do not use water. Ashes and water will create lye.

You could dig through the snow and get some dirt, or maybe use some from a potted plant and place in a container.

Have a small amount of oil ready to go.

Have a glass of water and use it to mark your forehead.

4. Prepare Your Heart. Spend a few minutes before worship reflecting about how your life could be more simple, how you can include Jesus in your daily life. Pray, meditate, journal. 

5. Worship. The Ash Wednesday service includes an important time of Confession and Pardon. Please join us at 6:30 as we are led through worship. 

We look forward to worshipping with you and walking toward Easter together.

Some of these tips are taken from The Upper Room.