Love Made Visible 

Belize Construction & Outreach Mission

By Chad Detwiler, Team Leader

Chapel Hill is sponsoring a mission to Sittee River Belize to repair the roof on the Methodist school as well as some other enhancements.  Along side this construction work the mission team will participate in an outreach program with the local children.

Why Belize? 


While Belize does have the 2nd longest barrier reef in the world and offers some extraordinary God made sights, there is a bigger reason.
Of the approximate 390,000 people in Belize 41% live below the poverty line. Approximately 50% of the population is under 18 years of age with 49% living in poverty.

Unemployment is around 12%. One of the major attractions for many youth to find work and make money is in the drug traffic between South and North America.

Belize operates a very unique Church / State school system – the majority of schools are run and funded through the churches, with the Government paying teachers’ salaries and some development costs. The Methodist Church (Belize/Honduras District) is responsible for 32 Methodist Schools in Belize and Honduras. With all the church and public schools in Belize there is only enough space for about half the children to attend high school. Education is also not free in Belize and past primary level becomes very costly.

The Belize Methodist churches rely heavily on sponsorships and volunteer teams to help them build and maintain the schools. Education is one of the ways Belize has focused to move their people out of povertyBelize operates a church / state school system where the church is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the building as well as the teachers and curriculum.  The state provides teacher salaries.  This unique opportunity to share Gods love with all the school children makes education ever more important.


If you would like to join this mission team with your prayers, presence, and/or gifts please contact Chad Detwiler at  Details and registration forms can be found at a table in the Great Hall. Please see all details online by clicking HERE.