White Lily



A special thank you to all those who help us celebrate Easter with a beautiful display of lilies. The white of the lily represents the purity of Christ. The fact they take three years, underground, before breaking through the earth to show their flower, and that they are shaped like a trumpet reminds us that transformation is real and we should herald the Good News of jesus Christ!



Dave Blew

            In memory of William B. Blew, Jr.

            In honor of Dot Blew

            In honor of Donna Blackstock

            In honor of Donna Hammond


Glenn R. Boyer

            In memory of Glenn Jr. & Mary Francis


Barbara, Cathryn, Marsha & Sarah

            In memory of Bob Bunce

            In memory of Barbara’s parents, Carl & Ella Bell Capps


Chapel Hill Family

            In memory of Mel Proffitt for his longstanding service to Chapel Hill


Peggy Burris, Doug & Nita Folger, David & Marilyn Henderson, Pete & Nancy Nathaniel, Bill & Carol Orr, Stan & Julie Rankin, Wilson & Bana Roberts

            In memory of Sherry Britton


The Dave Clapp Family

            In memory of Dave Clapp


Doug & Karen Dowler

            In memory of Harold Dowler


Randi Von Ellefson

            In memory of Bruce & Helen Ellefson


Lizz Foxhoven

            In memory of Jewell Marie Foxhoven

            In memory of Christy Germany


Sue Gabe

            In memory of John Gabe


Jim & Beth Hammack

            In memory of Carl & Thelma Post

            In memory of Gene & Francis Hammack


David & Marilyn Henderson   

            In memory of Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Washburn

            In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Henderson


Audell Hughes

            In memory of Rev. Dr. Clayton Hughes


Bill & Colleen King

            In memory of Bob Bunce


Kurylo & Dearing Family

            In memory of Thelma Christina

Fred & Carla Liebe

            In memory of Almeta F. Rawles (sister) & Taylor A. Liebe (grandson)


Kyler & June Ocker

            In memory of Mary Ann Shirley


Susan Paulk

            In memory of her parents, Tag & June Kimberling

            In honor of Adam, Jessica, Jackson & Jenna King


Terri Nance & Rod Pricer

            In honor of Sally Pricer our wonderful mother!


Brent & Janet Roberson

            In memory of Bob McClain & Barbara Baycroft


The Roberson Family

            In honor of Dave Blew


Rev. Marilynn Schellhamer

            In memory of Roy & Mary Schellhamer


Al & Nancy Strecker

            In memory of Martha Strecker

            In memory of Steve Moore

            In honor of our children & grandchildren


Lonny & Sherry Towell

            In honor of the Church Staff


Lynda & Dennis Ward

            In memory of Eldon & Maxine Ward; Orval & Norms Jolley