Obeying the Voice of God

belize house with some team.jpg

As they prepared to depart for Belize, Lindsford sent the message below to Chad Detwiler, the team leader. As Chad said, "Yes it is Belizean lingo, but his message is still clear." Thank you to all who make mission possible.


Good morning mom I want to say thanks to you and bro Joe and the team for come to build me my house most of thanks be to God I can't get you guys off my mind you all hold a special place in my heart thank you for obey  the voice of God you lifted a ton off my shoulder. Just want to let you know am praying for you all praying that God will always bless you and keep you for the wonder works you all are doing for his kingdom live you guys all can't forget you praying for my heavenly brothers and there family there safe trip to and back pray for there health. I thank God to use people's like you to do this for so no one can't tell me about it no one else hear my cry not even the government but you and your hear me thanks be to God for you all that is behind this you crowns are shining in heaven thank you love you all so much--