Belize ... Love Made Visible

By Chad Detwiler

UPDATE: Read all the details of their journey, in their own words. Click The Journal

Our mission to Belize is February 6-13.  Despite Belize being a level 4 travel advisory we feel called to go and serve.  This will be my 15th team to lead to Belize since 2002.



We will be building a 14x20 house for an older couple named Lindsford & Angela.  They live in a shanty that is barely standing.  We will be building this house 6 feet off the ground. 

Plans 1a.JPG

Lindsford & Angela's 14 x 20 house plan


Chad Detwiler, Phil Perez, Monte Choate, Cliff Hanoch, Kathy Hanoch, Trent Telford, Ben Henderson, Marc Fleischer


On Sunday we will be delivering 900 food bags to the residents of Camalote Village which is also the village we are staying in, just outside the countries capital of Belmopan.  Each food bag has 2 lbs of rice and 1 lb of beans, as well as an uplifting Biblical message and some other goodies.  Beans in Belize went from $1.00 per pound at the beginning of 2020 to $3.00 per pound now.


Two thousand pounds of rice and one thousand pounds of beans packaged with the love of Jesus!

Belize has suffered greatly during COVID as much of the country's job source and economic revenue stems from tourism.  Belize has the 2nd longest coral reef in the world (Australia is 1st) so the coast is a prime tourist destination as well as many Mayan ruins, caves, and jungle tours inland. COVID increased the number of families living on less than $1.90 per day from 14% to 24% and those living on $3.20 per day from 28% to 48%.  Beans being a basic staple for Belizeans means at $3.00 per lb and a devastated economy many see no way out of the situation.  Front line workers in Belize are not expected to have the COVID vaccine even available to them until late March let alone to the rest of the population.  And with a devastated economy they are not sure how they can afford to buy the vaccine to distribute.


Our mission theme this year as on our t-shirt (see below) is Nimsa Meod.  Nimsa means to be discovered, encountered, experienced...  Meod is exceedingly abundant or much; everything, no limits, no boundaries.  Deuteronomy 6:4-5 says "Love God with all your heart, soul, and with all your MEOD."


So despite the travel warnings with COVID, we go to encounter an abundant and all providing God limitlessly with everything we are by answering His call to go into all the world and serve...

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Belize Mission T-Shirt Front

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Belize Mission T-Shirt Back