New Year, New Look!

It's that time between Christmas and the New Year when we pause and think. We begin thinking about what we can do to make the next year a better year. Many of us will opt for a new look that helps us accomplish our dreams. And that's our intention as we try on some different "looks" for our Sunday bulletin.   

At Chapel Hill our resolution is to live 2020 in a way that leans into our vision to reach the next generation and help them fall in love with Jesus. We'll be experimenting with ways to provide a simple, readable style easily accessible to busy people when they visit us. This week is a first step in that direction.

Be assured that all the information that has been available in the bulletin will continue to be available.


  *All the words will continue to be projected. You can also choose to follow along in the hymnal or Bible.

  *The prayer list is already printed each week and available at the Welcome Center. It will continue to be.

  *The calendar listings will be printed on the back of the prayer list and available at the Welcome Center.

  *Events, news, longer articles will continue to be made available online through our ENews and our website.


Our bulletin make-over connects the congregation with the full order of service at a glance. Anyone can easily learn about new activities and groups on the back through a simple format. And most importantly, this bulletin is designed to go with you. You can even stick it to the fridge with a magnet and know exactly the ways you can Connect/Learn/Go in the week ahead.


We appreciate your patience, your open minds and hearts as we try to find ways to connect with new people in 2020. How we present ourselves on the outside through a bulletin is a matter of fashion and it changes. Who we are, and the truths we tell about Jesus Christ, those are essential.