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Let's Virtually 

Pass the Peace!

Passing the Peace is a "thing" at Chapel Hill. It is a joyous time to greet each other in Christian love. We say, "Peace be with you" to our neighbor. And they reply, "And also with you."

We wanted to create an opportunity for us to participate and "pass the peace" this Easter Sunday. Would you be willing to help by recording a video of yourself and/or your family saying, "Peace be with you from ___________ (and fill in your name "Joe" or "the Smith family.")?

As you are learning, how things work depends on the device you use. We were only able to set up a simple method for folks who use an iphone or an ipad. So if you have an iphone or an ipad, please help us out.

Sending Pass the Peace from your iphone or ipad.

1. Video yourself and/or your family saying "Peace be with you from ___________ (fill in the blank).

2. TEXT your pass the peace video to as shown.


If you have an android you can try sending us a video via email to Unfortunately technology being what it is the file may compress and be unusable. (Sorry about that, but you can still try.)

Maybe next week we'll be able to show you a few friends that wish you peace. And even if this doesn't work. Remember "Peace Be with You!" and "Happy Easter! He is Risen!!"