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Pop-Up Prayer

You've heard of pop-up stores and pop-up restaurants ... how about Pop-Up Prayer? Some of us have been feeling the loss of gathering together for simple prayer. This need to pray with others is even more pronounced in the last couple of weeks as we have endured all types of calamity and uncertainty. Now more than ever we are called to make time to talk with God.


These are simple traditional prayer liturgies, taken from The Upper Room Worship Book and the Methodist hymnal. All are short, no more than 15 minutes. The service includes a song, a psalm, group prayer and an opportunity to voice your own prayer to have it lifted by the group.

Our goal is to provide a safe way to gather in person and pray. So, here's how we are working it and why it is a "pop-up" event.

*Prayer is outside so we will schedule for nice days as we review the forecast.

*We are meeting under the East Portico. It provides a little shelter. We can hook up the portable sound system at the doorway. There is shade from the sun. And you know what's really cool - it has natural amplification! 

*We stand through the service since it is about 15 minutes long. Please feel free to bring a chair.

*Everything has been arranged for optimal safety from coronavirus. Masks are required. Physical distance will be maintained.

We will post pop up prayer opportunities on our Facebook page when we see an opportunity to plan one. If you would like to be added to an email notification list please click HERE.

Our next Pop-Up Prayer will be on Monday, November 9 at noon, when the forecast says it will be 73 degrees and windy. The weather is expected to become much cooler on Tuesday. Hope to see some of you there.