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Pick Up Prayer and Keep it Moving

Chapel Hill Prayer Relay

September 27 through October 4

By Doug Dowler, Chairman, Stewardship Campaign

As we prepare for Consecration Sunday on October 4, we want to involve the congregation in praying for the church in a concerted manner.  To do that we have organized what we are calling a prayer relay. Our goal is to have someone praying for Chapel Hill throughout each day leading up to consecration Sunday. 


To help organize this effort we have divided each day into morning, afternoon and evening and asking people to pick a time to pray specifically for Chapel Hill and its future.  Morning would be any time before noon.  Midday would be between noon and six pm.  Night would be any time after six pm.  The goal would be to have seven days of focused prayer for our church.


The goal is to prepare for consecration Sunday and to pray for what the church can become with the resources we provide. Please sign up and let us know you are praying so we can inspire one another as our voices join together, in harmony, and are lifted to God. 


Sign up is easy, just click HERE and put your name on any slot of time that you will pray. 


Some of the areas you might pray for include each staff member, the various ministries of the church, the United Methodist Church, and for each member of our congregation to grow closer to Jesus Christ in the coming year.

How and what you pray is up to you, but if you'd like ideas to get you started, if you are new to prayer or simply trying to reignite your prayer life click HERE for "Prayer Points" to help focus your thoughts.