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Reach Out

With Outreach

by Suzann Wade, Outreach Minister

You are created in the Image of God and have a unique aspect of God’s love to offer the world. Your talents, personality, and skills are all valuable in the eyes of God and in the eyes of our church. At Chapel Hill, we reach out to our neighbors to help them in places of need, AND to get to know them as people of sacred worth.

We believe every person is a person deserving of love and respect. Through our Outreach ministries we seek to serve people, to love them, and to meet them where they are, whether they be down the street or far from here. When people need food or clothes, we have ways to offer both to the children of our neighborhood school, our homeless neighbors, or people in the inner city. When children struggle with reading, we are here to help them learn. We gather to have fun with the people of our community each month and in bigger events throughout the year. We support families in as many ways as we possibly can. We help to rebuild homes, schools and lives.

Right now, there is a young couple, a child, an older person, a teacher or a single mom or dad whose life you could improve and transform in a powerful way just by being there. If you want to discover how you can use your unique gifts to help, email me at or give me a call at 405-507-7322.

Empowering and equipping each of you to make a difference in the world by loving others is why we are here.