Call to Action

June 3, 2020

Discipleship Committee Special Meeting called to determine Chapel Hill response to the current protest climate.

The official stance of the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church, through Bishop Jimmy Nunn is that “Racism has no place in the Church of Jesus Christ…Racism is not Christian.  It is a lie.  It is demonic.  It destroys.  It is not what we believe.”


We watch the news and see the demonstrations and protests and want to “do” something.  What can we do? What should Chapel Hill’s response be?  How do we offer God’s love in the midst of all this?

Chapel Hill wants to demonstrate its stance as a PRO-racial reconciliation church family.  How do we do this?


The Discipleship Committee has determined three avenues of action and ask that you prayerfully consider where or how you might participate.


  1. Hand out bottled cold water to protesters/demonstrators.  The exact date/time cannot be determined until we have information as to the next protest or march, so we can only work on the possible logistics at this time.  What we DO know is that our parameters would be:

    1. Wear Chapel Hill t-shirts

    2. Wear masks and gloves for Covid-19 safety precautions

    3. Action only during daylight/pre-curfew times

    4. Work the fringes of crowds, to maintain a semblance of social separation

    5. Teams of at least 5 each  (also need 1-2 drivers to man the vans)

    6. Prayer team to pray during official march/demonstration times.


    2. Prayer-Walk with Other Churches to Stand Against Racism.  At this time, no date, time or location is set, but likely to be “on-demand” within the next week or so.


    3. Study in the pervasiveness of systemic racism: “Be The Bridge.” This study was developed to “inspire people to have a distinctive and transformative response to racial division and be present and intentional toward racial reconciliation.”  This class would be organized and begun within a few weeks, most likely in an online Zoom format.


If you want to serve on any of these efforts as part of Reconciliation Response Team, please contact Jonathon Clinesmith by email at jclinesmith@mychapelhill.org to have your name placed on the list to receive information on date, time and location of either the Water Walk or the Prayer Walk.  These will likely have less than 24 hours’ notice due to the nature of events.  The “Be the Bridge” study will be advertised through the Chapel Hill newsletter.


***Once the Water Walk is confirmed as to date/time/location, we will have a need for drivers to man the vans, water coolers, insulated bags for individuals to carry while handing out water, etc.


***For those over age 60, or who suffer from compromising health issues as listed by the CDC as relates to Covid-19 prevention precautions, we need to you please stay home and PRAY for the teams distributing water or participating in the Prayer Walk.


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