Everyone Can Learn in Recovery

man on telephone.jpg
By Michael Reynolds

Wow another year gone by, and it is once again National Recovery Month. As most of you know, my goal in life is to help people in recovery know that God is good and that God has made a way for them to escape the grip of drugs and alcohol.


I used to spend my free time in prison ministry sharing Gods love. COVID-19 has put limits on what we can do, not only for inmates, but for free world people as well. I do know with the way the world is today with this corona virus, people that have little are getting even less. It's rough: Jobs lost each day, pay cuts, food cost more, questions for churches and schools, open or not. Without a job, family support or a strong church family it is easy to fall back into anything that makes you feel better. So what to do?


For me it has been making phone calls, texting, connecting on any form of social media, even putting pen to paper and to reach out to anyone in need of God's love. It could be drugs, drinking, or sex/eating disorders ... recovery is needed for many problems, in many forms. I'm willing to say that  we all know someone that needs real love and encouragement. They need God's love, through you, to not give up the battle, to repress the thoughts and feelings the devil puts in front of them.


As we at Chapel Hill celebrate Recovery Month, let's remember that people are recovering from so many other problems than just drug addiction.  Recovery is required for any mind altering thing that takes us away from what God has planned.  So do what you can to help. Make a phone call to just say I love you. Send a text to uplift someone. And pray. Prayer is the best tool. It does not cost a thing and goes a long way to heal the hurt.


Love you all. Remember: God is good and prayer works!