Restoration Begins

By Shari Detwiler, Business Manager

You may have heard by now that on Monday we had a fire sprinkler line break in the ceiling outside the front office entrance.  This allowed water to flood the entire hallway up to the Great Hall tile floor.  Every office in the front office area, the conference room, the choir room and office, and part of the sanctuary has had water damage.  A restoration company was called and they arrived by that afternoon to start extracting water.  All furniture and all contents of these rooms had to be removed.  A call for help was made and immediately people started showing up to help move furniture.  It was incredible and so much appreciated! 


Much of the furniture and contents are in the Great Hall and Fellowship Hall.  The carpeting is still being dried out with a dehumidifying system and fans. Holes have been drilled every 6 – 8 inches at the bottom of all the walls to allow the sheetrock to dry out.  On Sunday, we may still have a big unit in the parking lot powered by a large generator.  This is called a desiccant dehumidifier and is used for larger areas of water damage.


The main entrance to the church will move to the Business Office entrance for now.  We don’t want to use the front office entrance as it is a mess and there are wires hanging from the ceiling.  We also need to leave this area available for contractors to start the necessary repairs.


The staff from the office areas affected have been moved to the rooms listed below. Unfortunately, they may be displaced for a couple of months. 

Jonathon – GH 2

Marilynn – GH 3

Nancy – Friends In Faith classroom (Parlor hallway)

Alan – Youth Director office (Parlor hallway)

Ellen – classroom next to Youth Director office


We apologize for the mess you will see in the Great Hall and Fellowship Hall.  We ask for your patience as we and the Board of Trustees work to restore our facility as soon as we can. 

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