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Proclaiming God's Love!

The response to this year’s call to grow as disciples through stewardship has been tremendous.  Chapel Hill has taken a giant step in declaring our allegiance to Jesus Christ by our tithe commitments.  We have received 226 pledges for a total of $1,503,139.  This is the 4th largest pledge total in the 57-year history of Chapel Hill Church.  We received 20 new pledges, and increased amounts on 69 of our returning pledge commitments.

Based largely on your prompt and faithful response the Church Council was able to set our 2019 budget before Advent began for the 4th year consecutive year.  Thanks goes to the wonderful leadership of our stewardship committee, chaired by Doug Dowler, all the volunteers, and everyone who made an important commitment to grow as a disciple in 2019.  If you have not turned in your pledge commitment for 2019 you can still return it in the offering plate or mail it to the church office.  This is a wonderful testimony to how we let love abound through Chapel Hill and how we desire to grow as faith disciples in 2019!

Grace and Peace - Mark