Share the Flavors of Christmas

This Sunday, 12/9 and next Sunday 12/16 we hope you’ll help us present a special event, Tastings. Please prepare and bring one (or as many as you want) favorite holiday recipes, sweet or savory.


The tables will be set up with nativities, a loving tradition, made possible by Nancy Moore Strecker, June Ocker and Peggy Burris. We’ll be serving treats at 9:30am, following the first service and the tables will stay up and the food out for as long as it lasts or until 11:00.
Who knows exactly what kind of weather we’ll have – other than it will be cold? But won’t it be fun to have some treats and the warmth of each other’s company on a cold day in Advent. It will go fabulously with the beautiful music from our annual Carols of Christ’s Coming when all the musicians ring and sing for us.
The Sunday after that, 12/16 we want to do it again. We’d ask that each Sunday school class bring their normal Sunday treats and share them, and their hospitality time in the Great Hall during the first 10 minutes of Sunday School. And of course, you can bring a different favorite, or the same one you did the week before. It’s Christmas – Jesus, the light of the World, is on his way! Let’s celebrate!!