Is Trying to Get A Vaccination Appointment Making You Sick?

Help is Available!

 by Jenny Stewart

We are so excited that Covid vaccines are finally being administered in Oklahoma! Sadly we've heard that many people are having a very hard time getting an appointment booked. This has been such a difficult process for everyone involved. 


If you are having trouble booking an appointment, we are here to help.


We are by no means vaccine experts… Just a few tech-savvy friends that have learned the ins and outs of the scheduling portal and found quick ways to book.

The appointments come and go in minutes, sometimes seconds. The entire process is listed below. A telephone number and email is included at the very bottom.

Here’s how we can help:


Step #1:
To schedule an appointment, you must be registered through the website


Step #2:
The Portal will then send you an email when you are eligible to book an appointment. (Hint: A LOT of times this is in your junk email and can take a day or 2 to arrive.)


Step #3:
Send us the link you received in your email that says you are approved to book an appt. That link takes me to YOUR scheduling portal. Forward the entire email to (Hint: To copy the link from your phone, press and hold down the link, click copy, open a message, click once and select paste)

Include any scheduling criteria. These clinics are all over the state, so please make sure to tell us the maximum distance you are willing to travel (25 miles, 50 miles, anywhere, etc.). Appointments in OKC disappear quicker than any other part of the state. Also, if you are needing 2 appointments, please let us know if we can book them on 2 separate days or if they truly need to be booked together.

Step #4:
We will start searching and can book the appointment for you. If that time/date doesn't work, we can always reschedule it. Better to grab one while it's available! You'll get an email confirmation that you have an appointment as soon as I find one that works for you.


Thank you,

Jenny Stewart & Celena McCord


Phone: 405-238-0643

Jenny is closely connected to members of our congregation. She provided this information to our care ministry through Rev. Marilynn Schellhamer as a way to help any who need it. Thanks Jenny and Celena!