Volunteering the Summer Away

By Kaela Byers

Most teens spend their summers sleeping in and spending time relaxing before the stress of a new-harder-school year. I have chosen to spend mine volunteering at the church with as many kids as I can. This was to be easy to find, because there are volunteer opportunities all over the church throughout the week.

I chose to work with the preschool kids at Vacation Bible School, which is something I have done for about three or four years now. Working at VBS has always been rewarding and fun for me, and many others feel the same way. One of my favorite parts of VBS is watching the little kids faces light up while they sing and dance.


Another favorite part of mine is building a relationship with all of the kids as VBS continues. I also began to volunteer with another organization through the church this summer, a program named Project Transformation. I had heard about it a few years earlier from other youth, but I had never volunteered before. This summer they were in need of volunteers, as always, so I decided to help out.


Where I volunteer, I get to listen to kids read, with ages ranging from first grade through fifth grade. Project Transformation is an amazing experience. I love getting to know the kids, teachers, and other volunteers. My favorite part is seeing the big smile on a child’s face when they read a word or page they thought they couldn’t read. Although, the hugs and nicknames from the kids is a close second. I earned the nickname“sweetie”. Project Transformation goes throughout the summer, and I plan to volunteer whenever I can this year and years to come. Volunteering at the church has been a great experience for me, and I hope others get to experience the joys in volunteering that I have.