Delivering News for God

by Michael W. Reynolds

Good day.


As we all know this past week has been action packed. The fact is 2020 was tough and 2021 has not started out so great.


I was helping out a friend at his body shop the other day. All day long we listened to the workers complain about how terrible the world is and how bad it looks to get. I'm sure it's not just the body shop workers talking. It's everybody talking. "Trump this, Biden that, Corona this, money that ..."


Near the end of the work day my friend gathered all his workers together. He said, "After listening to all of you complain about life today I've got to ask: How many of you have prayed to God about your complaints? And I'm even more curious about how many waited on God to answer before you began spreading hate and more confusion." My friend ended his talk by pointing out that everything starts with God and ends with God.


Since then I have a new system. When I hear someone complaining about it all I ask them, "Have you prayed to God about this?" And I leave it at that. We all know prayer works. A great way to show this principle is to remind the world that God is only a prayer away. The words we use can either cause confusion, or offer healing, love and concern. in times like these we all can use some TLC. A kind word goes a long way.


Remember God depends on us to deliver the good new. And the good news is we must trust God. After all ... God has this.