Chapel Hill Youth-Ash Wednesday 2020

Chapel Hill Youth preparing for the Ash Wednesday evening service in 2020.

Status Update

At Chapel Hill, families are the center of all that we do.  We know that families with children and teens have experienced some big changes during the last seven months that are particular to them. We have been working diligently to support and cheer them on as they have continued to meet online through this time.

But good news! This Sunday, October 25 our youth will have the option to return to in-person Sunday School. They'll meet in the gym at 9:50am. Masks will be worn and physical distance maintained during class.  (We anticipate that Children and Nursery will resume in the coming month.) There will also be a Zoom option for those who are not able to attend in person. Zoom contact information is available by email to

According to Amanda Walz, the Minister of Families for Chapel Hill, the youth program has been able to continue operating seamlessly thanks to the dedication and commitment of champion volunteers including, Tami Bayless, Travis Brown, Karen Dowler and Curtis Symes. "Our lay volunteers are rockstars," Walz said. "They've led small groups and provided Sunday school lessons and helped in so many ways."

Volunteer Tami Bayless considers herself the "newbie" to the Youth volunteers, even though she's been helping the Youth for a while now. "As lay youth leaders we assist in teaching and mentoring the students," she said. "We've been involved in the lives of our current students for several years and we have a great opportunity to know them."

Bayless noted that Travis Brown and Curtis Symes have been working with the youth for at least a decade. Brown and Symes primarily provide the lesson and teaching for Sunday school. Karen Dowler and Bayless work with Amanda to provide a Wednesday night lesson too. 

"I love how we bring our different perspectives and life experience to this effort," Bayless said. "It's not just one voice they hear, but many. We each have different stories about how we became a Christian. For example, I was 36 before I became fully committed to Christianity, while some of the others have been deeply committed since they were teens themselves. We're all different, but we all want to help the youth learn to love God, love their neighbor and to trust and follow God."

NEW SERIES for Youth begins on Sunday, November 1. The Youth will work on the study during the gathering times on Sundays and Wednesdays. The study is called, "Canceled" and addresses issues that existed way, way back and mirror the "cancel culture" we hear about these days. Youth will be introduced to some people from the Scriptures whose stories show us that humans have always struggled to choose love instead of hate.

Chapel Hill Youth Sunday School is at 9:50am in the gym at Chapel Hill (or via Zoom)

Chapel Hill Wednesday Night Study at 6:30pm via Zoom

Contact Amanda Walz, Minister of Families, for Zoom connections.