Whiz Kids ... Never Stop!

School might be out, and the church building is closed, but Whiz Kids Tutors are still doing everything they can to help their students. Chapel Hill is lucky to be able to provide leadership and tutors for two different Whiz Kids sites. The Chapel Hill site is led by Beth Hammock on Tuesdays. Jennie Penner leads another site for Whiz Kids from Kaiser Elementary on Thursdays.  

Both Jennie and Beth have led the tutors in ways to stay engaged with each other and their students through this time of separation. We included photos from the care packages the Kaiser team put together last month. Here is a note and photos from Beth and the Chapel Hill team. Thanks to all the team who provide so much care and service to our children and our community.

We used our graduation party budget and put together Care Packages for each of our 26 Whiz Kids at Chapel Hill and personally delivered them to their homes. The packages came with a list of helpful Suggestions for getting through this tough quarantine time at home.  The kits included games, art pencils, sketch books, word challenges, pot holder to give their mother, tape measures, solar yard lights, paper plates, macaroni fixings, along with suggestions from their tutors to read, read, read, practice saying the Lord’s Prayer and a reminder to help out and remember Jesus’ Golden Rule!

Before this many of our tutors have been handwriting notes and including a self address envelope to encourage their correspondence.

The kids were so excited to get the surprise delivery!

It warmed all of our hurting hearts...
Beth and Chapel Hill WK Team

If you want to help children this summer please consider helping with Project Transformation. Learn more HERE.

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