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Kids' Night Out 

By Amanda Walz

Often, parents struggle to prioritize themselves during the everyday chaos of kids, school, sports, work, laundry and other expectations.  There is a lack of affordable and quality childcare.  There is pressure from every direction to do more.  It leaves little opportunity to spend time decompressing and remembering who they are as individuals. 

I firmly believe that healthy parents grow healthy kids.  When our children see us prioritize our mental, spiritual and physical health it teaches them that it’s okay for them to do the same as they grow.  We have set out to help parents carve out the time to revitalize themselves by offering Kids’ Night Out. It's an important part of Chapel Hill's vision to help younger generations become disciples of Jesus. 

Kids’ Night Out is a low-cost childcare option we offer once per quarter.  It’s been largely attended by families who do not regularly attend our “traditional” ministry offerings.  Families that are connected to Mothers’ Day Out, Acts Ministry opportunities, Whiz Kids or Project Transformation make up the biggest percentages of those attending.  It’s been a great way to serve these families by showing them we care about a very real part of their daily lives.  It has also been a great opportunity to connect, create relationships and practice our discipleship.

On March 8th, we had a HUGE win for Kids’ Night Out.  For the first time ever, it was COMPLETELY volunteer staffed thanks to the Adventurer’s Sunday School Class.  I can’t tell you how amazing it was to watch so many adults loving on the kids who were entrusted to our care that night.  The dynamic completely shifted, there was a warmer, more loving, more peaceful and more FUN environment throughout.  I am so incredibly thankful for their gift of time and I know the families were, too! 


Our next Kids’ Night Out will happen in May – just in time for the end of school!  I hope you’ll consider joining us.  I know that if you have any questions any of the volunteers who have helped would be happy to share their experience with you, and, you can always contact me for more information!