Wisdom From a Rainbow Thundertiger

By Rev. Jonathon Clinesmith
Associate Pastor of Discipleship Connections

Have you ever been asked to do something that you knew was beyond your capabilities but you had to do anyway? I found myself in such a situation recently. You see, my daughter’s soccer league was desperate for coaches. So desperate, in fact, that I received more than one email asking me to coach.


Me, who has a state championship in football…but not the European kind. Me, who has never even played in an organized soccer league. Me, whose only other coaching experience was for my son’s recreational basketball team. Me, who is terrified of six-year-old girls.


But the thing is, as unqualified as I was to be coaching a soccer team, if I didn’t step up to the plate, my daughter and other little girls wouldn’t have been able to play this year. So I stepped up to the plate, and am now the proud coach of the Rainbow Thundertigers.


Our first practice was like herding cats. They would stop right in the middle of a drill and come to give me a hug or tell me about their dog. They would have arguments in the huddle about whether pink, purple, or rainbow was the coolest color. (Rainbow is a color?!?!?!)


Finally, with as much patience as I could muster, I instructed the girls that they were only allowed to interrupt me if they had something really important to say. Immediately, one of the girls raised her hand. “Coach Jonathon” she declared, “I have something really important to say.”


“Go ahead”, I said, a bit reluctantly.


“What I have to say is that no matter what you do God will never stop loving you.”


Oh, wow. She got me. What could I possibly have to say that is more important than that?


You see, God loves us SO MUCH. If we’re being honest, most of us are about as qualified for God’s love as I am to be a girls soccer coach. But God loves us anyways. And no matter what we do, God will never stop loving us.


That’s something I’ve been reflecting on ever since she shared it. It was wisdom. It was a word from God. And I wasn’t expecting it. So, my challenge for all of us is this: look for God to speak even when you’re not expecting it. And remember “no matter what you do God will never stop loving you.”