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Adult Fellowship and Study


A listing of current classes is below.

Scroll Down for a Map of Rooms at Chapel Hill

Explore the depths of Christian belief with friends and grow closer to Christ and to one another. Classes are grouped by age or by topic. Feel free to try several and choose one that works for you. All of our Sunday school classes meet from 9:40am to 10:40am

ADVENTURERS An adult class for all ages. This class seeks common ground of growth in Christian life through the study and discussion of scripture and Bible based lessons.  This class participates in mission activities, as well as monthly “Dinner With Friends” get togethers. Great Hall, Room 1


BIBLE STUDY All Ages. Studying the Bible a verse at a time. The discussion around the table is a friendly, informal setting for any novice or experienced Bible student seeking a better understanding of the scriptures. Fellowship Hall, Room 5


FAITH BUILDERS Parents with Elementary Age Children. This class is comprised of young, growing families looking for an opportunity for relationships and learning. The group has lively discussion focusing on faith and the scriptures. Parlor Kitchen

PATHFINDERS Mid-Life Adults. This not-too-serious class studies contemporary issues in a discussion based format. Anyone with an open mind, a sense of humor and a willingness to share and grow is welcome. Chairs in the Great Hall by the Information Desk


RECOVERY All Ages. A class where fellow believers on their recovery journey grow in community as they develop their Faith Walk.  Fellowship Hall, Room 3 


YOUNG ADULTS Adults 18-35. We use a variety of media formats to engage the Bible and modern society, discussing how and where they mesh and clash. Any young adult who wants to come and discuss how their spirituality shapes and is shaped by their world is welcome. Fellowship Hall, Room 2

LIFE TOGETHER 40s to 50s. Teaching is shared among class members and discussion is encouraged. Topics have included prayer, finances, spiritual styles and various Bible studies. This class participates in a variety of missions and emphasize fellowship with social activities, some with kids and some without. Basement

MEN’S BIBLE CLASS Mature Adult Men Group discussion with an emphasis on Biblical and Life Studies. Meets in Rev. Marilynn Schellhamer’s Office in the Pastor's office area.


NASA: NEVER ALONE, SEARCHING ALWAYS Adults 40-60. An adult class for all ages that emphasizes mission and fellowship. They enjoy diverse discussion of Bible topics and truly consider themselves family. They invite and welcome all new guests to share in our fellowship.” Rec Room (room with glass window at the west end of gym) 


NEW MEDIA Middle to Senior Adults. This large and established class participate in the Master Teacher’s program and enjoys outside speakers. Parlor.

FAMILY AND FELLOWSHIP Mid-Life Couples, with Grandchildren. Adults with special interest in family issues and growth of family spiritual life will find a home here. Missions are a class focus. Class social events are held in homes every few months. Great Hall, Room 2

FRIENDS IN FAITH Older Singles. This is a social class that participates in the Master Teacher program and enjoys periodic activities and lunch outside church. Room 202 in the West Hall.

GENESIS All Ages. An eclectic group of open-minded adults. Community outreach and service are ongoing with this class. Great Hall, Room 3


JOURNEY CLASS Mature Adults. The format for this class features lecture with class participation. This class also includes many founders of the church with a long history. They are exceptionally caring for one another. Often participate in social activities. Conference Room

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