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Change Through Praise

I’m not sure if the news got out: no one died from too much genuine praise! As we make our way today we all have persons we care about, people we give our love and concern to. We are also guilty of not sharing that love, that concern to everybody.

We all have our favorite people. That’s not a bad thing, however it is not a God thing. God wants us to have that love and concern for everybody not just family or loved ones, God wants us to reach out and be of help. Now that does not mean we are to provide a car or a home and lots of money. What that does mean we are to be close enough to God to know and see what we can do to be of help. We also know that there are people that set out to take advantage of kindness and at times it is hard to discern what is best and God is good about that, He will lead us.

What we need to do is show Gods love to all, to be kind, to listen, and encourage one another. A prayer and a cup of coffee, along with real love, shown through conversation can go a long way. You see just going to church alone is not all Christ needs. Showing up for Sunday school class is not enough. Sitting at home doing nothing is not enough.

What is enough? Being active in the encouragement department. Be more active in God’s work at church, at home, at the store. We can only be as good as possible if we use actions. By the way actions do speak louder than words! We cannot just limit our concerns to church, family and friends. It is up to us to reach out, it is up to us to share God's words, and God's love.

So I ask if you see someone that looks like they are sad, worried or just downhearted it costs nothing to tell them God loves them. I really like the idea of quarter day at the laundry, what a great way to reach out to people. I like the idea of the Rebuild misison what a great way to witness to others that have had a hard life. For myself I enjoy prison ministry. With Chapel Hill's support we as a church have the opportunities to provide Bibles and class and most of all God’s love.

We as the church are not to be just pew warmers. We as the church are to share Gods love, peace and joy.

God is good -

Michael Reynolds

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