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OUT OF MY MIND: Stop the Noise!

Noise! Noise! Noise! Have you ever noticed how much noise fills our days and lives? We wake up to music or alarms. We step outside and hear the traffic from nearby highways. We get in our cars and what is the first thing we do? We turn on the radio, put in a CD, or listen to the playlist on our iPods. When we walk in the house or into a hotel room, one of the first things we do is turn on the TV. It seems that with all the noise we allow – and even invite – into our lives, we somehow don’t feel so alone.

But in the middle of all that noise, are we missing the most important voice of all? God still speaks in a still, small voice. In the busyness and noisiness of everyday life, it’s easy to miss God speaking to us. The only way to hear God is to make an intentional effort to quiet the noise and spend time just listening…maybe through prayers or reading the scriptures, or any number of other ways that invite our stillness and openness to just be still and listen.

Find some time each day just be alone and quiet and listen for – and listen to – the voice of God. Even turn off your cell phone! We simply cannot listen to God if we can’t hear God.


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