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OUT OF MY MIND: The Gifts of Generosity

My preaching professor, Zan Holmes, Jr., used to say, “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.” I think he’s right.

Generosity is a mark of maturity among followers of Jesus. Not just generosity with money, but with time as well. When we are generous, we show ourselves to be selfless; our attention — if only for a moment — is on someone other than ourselves. Generosity forces us to face the fact that we are not the center of the world or that we can exist in this world without influence. Being generous is one of the most God-like characteristics we can possess and share. Our generosity touches many lives and will, hopefully, bring a sense of gratitude to us.

By showing our generosity, we will give hope to others and change lives. And likely be changed ourselves in the process…and that’s part of the gift of being generous!


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