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The Beauty of Wonder

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Spending time wondering with children can bring adults face to face with the beauty and mystery of creation and the God who loves us.

Children are discovering the world around them for the first time. It’s easy for adults to forget what this is like. We become so caught up in our to do lists, and our every day activities that we rarely stop to wonder. Children can ask BIG questions - some that could stump even the most scholarly among us.

Do we really take time to seriously help children find the answers to those questions? Or, do we write them off as cute and satisfy them with quick answers?

Our new Children’s Church will give children the space to engage creatively with their BIG questions about the God who created the universe. This will be a time of singing and dancing, Bible stories and lots of space to explore through play and art. This time will be more focused on worship and flexible creativity, while Sunday school will remain focused on more traditional activities.

Martin Marty says “Play itself is a natural expression of the mystery of the child, a sign of an enjoying child who inspires enjoyment among others.”

Childhood wonder isn’t the lack of logic. It’s a testament to the wonder and creativity of God. What better way to worship our creator than to spend time creating together? I hope you’ll spend some time this week wondering - and I hope maybe you’ll wonder with some of our children soon in Children’s Church.

Children will go to the sanctuary services at the regular times (8:30am and 11:00am). The children will be dismissed, following the Children's Moment, about 10 minutes into the regular service. At that time they will be escorted by volunteers and staff to the Children's Wing for a special "kid friendly," hands-on worship service, designed just for them. Contact Amanda Walz, Minister of Children, for more information.


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